Signs of Life Series started

After another 2 year break, I've been able to set-up my studio and finish 3 paintings started 2 years ago. In addition, I'm working on 5 other paintings in the series. Check out the finished paintings in this series so far HERE. Below are some works in progress.



New works in progress

Five new paintings started

Five new paintings started

After almost 2 years off from painting due to preparing, packing, moving, and finally settling in in Eastern Europe, I'm painting again!

My last series was inspired by a particular house in Kosovo on my first trip (2013). Little did I know I would end up living in that very house (its a flat) and have my studio on its first floor!

Now I am painting what I see as I am IN that very house looking out. These works continue my love of playing with color and layering and layering color.