New works in progress

 Five new paintings started

Five new paintings started

After almost 2 years off from painting due to preparing, packing, moving, and finally settling in in Eastern Europe, I'm painting again!

My last series was inspired by a particular house in Kosovo on my first trip (2013). Little did I know I would end up living in that very house (its a flat) and have my studio on its first floor!

Now I am painting what I see as I am IN that very house looking out. These works continue my love of playing with color and layering and layering color.






I've Moved!

SignificantForm Studio closed its Raleigh doors in 2013 and moved all the way to Eastern Europe --- Kosovo! The studio reopened in its new location in Mitrovica spring 2015!

The creative juices are flowing! Stay tuned for recent works, shows and other community events.